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Friday, January 23, 2009
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Section of acquaintances for lesbians and gays

On one of popular American sites for interested persons to get acquainted eHarmony now will open special section for persons with nonconventional orientation.

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Denni Sullivan pending Search 4.0
Denni Sullivan - the known expert in the field of search optimization, has presented brief history of search. The basic accent has been made on a reasoning on search 4.0 (search 4.0). As he said, advantage of the fourth version of search will be its integration with the human factor, namely with a commission of experts. Editorial decisions will promote greater accuracy and relevance of results.
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Competitors Yahoo and Google have declared partnership
Irreconcilable competitors, Yahoo and Google, recently have signed the agreement on long-term partnership in sphere the Internet-advertising. According to conditions of the agreement, within four years on cайтах Yahoo in the USA and Canada there will be the advertising references given Google.
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Google - the most respectable company of the USA
Magazine Forbes has promulgated the list of the American companies with the most dear reputation in business. The list was headed by corporation Google.
The corporation which was based in 1998 by students Stenfordskogo of university Larri Pejdzh and Sergey Brin, in 2004 has reached market cost in 23 billion dollars. The Lion's share of profit Google is made with incomes of the Internet-advertising, considerably smaller - from sale of software products.
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The Internet for a children's audience
The Internet already for a long time interests a children's audience, but till now because of absence of projects for children and youth teenagers, and a children's audience, became visitors of sites with the adult maintenance more often. In present to year the situation can change radically.
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Israel will sell on auction
One of these days the auction tenders on which the destiny of a domain name will be defined take place. The owner of this name, inhabitant Majjami Jean-Ноэль Fridman, has registered it free of charge in 1994 - and now, in its opinion, has come to sell hour.
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To Japanese will limit access to the mobile Internet
The government of Japan is measured to limit use of mobiles phone by children. In opinion of authorities of the country, on health of schoolboys the mobile Internet negatively influences. For this reason the decision to limit function of mobiles phone by only voice services and GPS-navigation also is accepted. Local manufacturers of electronics have already received the offer to develop corresponding devices.
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Google has opened Sites for all
Several months ago company Google has started Google Sites as a part of project Google Apps for the companies and the organizations which wished to use service on own domains. Opening service for all comers recently took place.
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One and a half thousand domains will give per customer
American photographer Fernando Eskovar has exposed on the tenders a portfolio of the domains consisting from 1,5 thousand of names. Experts are inclined to consider as its world's largest. Cost of domain "portfolio" was is estimated in $1,5 million Carrying out of auction it is planned for June, 3rd: the tenders will pass " in alive " on the Internet-platform eBay. The part of the income will be transferred in welfare fund " Make-A-Wish Foundation " which assists children with serious and incurable diseases.
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Advertising on the Internet puts records
In 2008 the volume of the advertising market in a Runet will be doubled and 800 million dollars will reach, the interrogated participants of the market consider. Thus in sector segmentation of advertizers begins to proceed. The fine and average companies will prefer contextual advertising while large business will prefer mediaadvertising.
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The number of the names registered in zone IE, has reached 100 tys
The manager of the national domain of Ireland – organization IEDR – has informed, that the number of names registered in zone IE has reached 100 thousand Owner of "anniversary" domain there was an Irish museum of the modern art. In honour of a holiday registrantu have handed over the certificate on free-of-charge service of the domain during the following of 100 years.
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